feet e

in 2023 my campus had a temporary wall on the way to the shop appear out of nowhere and people were spraying all over it. i had always wanted to try graffiti, or street art. whatever you want to call it. but i never knew how to exactly, yknow, get started? its a bit intimidating. and i being the anxious person that i was just nervously skirted around the edge of the area to try and scout out what everyone was doing. one of the people who were liike the instructors i guess? approached me and asked if i wanted to give it a go. i couldnt say no at this point so i did. and i loved it so goddamn much like its such a freeing form of art for sure.

i think the biggest lesson that graff has taught me is the idea of letting something you work on go. once its on a wall you cant exactly control what happens to it and you may not come back to see the piece for a while. i can be a perfectionist when it comes to being creative and i think graffiti being so public yet raw is so very liberating.

some interesting things ive learnt:

  • a tag is often the signature style things you see and are the quickest way of making a mark, sometimes taggers do these in a single line called a oner.
  • a throw up, or a throwie is the next most complex form which is often just a basic fill, maybe some highlights, and a keyline.
  • a piece is the complicated, well, pieces that are done and i am consistently floored by the pieces i see out n about.
  • i wish to learn more as i keep going and gaining experience and perhaps get to some level of cool like the others ive seen and talked to. a lot of artists are so humble and i loved chatting to the ones i see at the skate park once i pick my jaw off the floor and work up the courage haha.

    i did hear some more uh violent stories, like how this one guy is on trial currently for biting someones ear off for painting over his piece. i was told to stay away from painting over other peoples stuff. with that kinda story, you really dont have to tell me twice

    enjoy the gallery below of some pics i have taken on my exploring :)