ipod shennanigans or: how i learnt to stop using spotify

in my music page, i talked about how much music means to me and joked about switching to an ipod. well it kinda happened.

i am now a proud owner of a ipod video! its been a bit of a change to get used to as ive never owned an ipod, closest i got was this tiny ass mp3 player but honestly loving it. i miss these tactile buttons for sure.
if youre interested in doing this, i recommend it. pick up any gen ipod second hand wherever you can, maybe even have one lying around still thats been untouched and check out rockbox for custom firmware. its honestly a blessing and gets rid of song limits and generally just improves the functionality (you can also run doom and quake). as a last.fm user, it creates a log file that you can upload to lastfm to keep track of your scrobbles too! i did run into a problem with the rockbox wiki being out of date and unable to find a suitable program that ran on my arch system, so i updated an old one that i found! im new to packages with python and building in general but hopefully i will figure out how to publish this to the aur or something soon. all the other scrobblers i found were incredibly outdated or straight up broken, this one uses the new lastfm api and can link your account directly via web browser authentication. neato.

below is a pic of me listening to an album for the first time while making dinner. its a great album.